Alabama Democratic Party debates changes

Published: Oct. 15, 2022 at 7:18 PM CDT
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Democrats from across Alabama gathered in the capital city Saturday for the second day of the Alabama Democrats Conference semiannual meeting.

This year, the group held their meeting in conjunction with the Alabama Democratic Party, which gave the party a chance to vote on changes to their bylaws.

With bylaw changes on the table for the party, some members are upset with the process to get there.

Delandrion Woods, leader of the party’s youth caucus, said he receive notification about the meeting.

“I was probably notified,” said Woods.

But not all members said they did. Some even mentioned they don’t have a copy of the changes.

“I did not receive a copy of those. Those may could have been distributed to some members, but not all members received those,” said Josh Coleman, the Democratic National Convention chair and a member of the youth and LGBTQ caucus’.

A notification for the meeting and at least a 10-day notice is required to vote on changes and an official quorum is needed. None of those were achieved. So, the group adjourned. But the vote on the bylaws could return. The changes could mean the end of certain caucuses’ in the Alabama democratic party.

“I believe that the party would look once on the decline without representation of youth,” said Woods.

“We all want the same thing to stand up for our shared values,” said Coleman. “And we do that best when we can all come together and collaborate.”

The leader of the Democratic conference, Dr. Joe Reed, supports the proposed changes.

“It is very simple,” said Reed. “Black folks constitute a majority of the Democratic Party in Alabama. And everybody is awarded seats, positions based on what based on participation.”

Another date has not been set for a possible debate and vote on those changes.

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