Legislators intent on tackling exhibition driving after 16 injured in crash

Exhibition driving issues continue in Birmingham
Exhibition driving issues continue in Birmingham
Published: Dec. 13, 2022 at 12:46 AM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Sixteen people were injured Friday night in Birmingham due to an exhibition driving crash on John Rogers Drive.

Two of those people remain in critical condition.

Someone who says they were there told us a driver in a Dodge Charger was doing donuts on John Rogers Drive for a group who had gathered to watch. That’s when they said a Nissan 370Z slammed into the Charger going over 100 miles an hour.

We were sent several videos of the incident. One of the people who spoke to us says some of the injuries were horrific.

They say the collision sent several people flying into the air. Police said Monday the youngest injured was only five years old.

“Why would you bring your five-year-old child to a street racing exhibition driving is the question I would ask. Why would you do that? That makes no sense whatsoever. That is foolish. Obviously, we have a lot of people in this city who enjoy automobiles, there is nothing wrong with that, but they are taking place in illegal street races and exhibition driving in our city streets and it is causing danger to our citizens and everyone who is watching,” said Birmingham Police Chief Scott Thurmond.

It’s incidents like this that have many car enthusiasts and community leaders frustrated.

They say this reckless behavior is endangering the lives of others and is exactly why legislative changes are needed to allow police more tools to go after drivers.

State House Rep Allen Treadaway intends on introducing a bill specifically to strengthen punishment for those participating and he expects the bill to have support from both sides of the aisle.

“I’ll be requesting the speaker of the house put this bill on the fast track and we can get it out of the house and up in to the senate. I have reasonable expectations that we can get this bill out within the first few weeks of the session,” said State Representative Allen Treadaway.

State Senator Rodger Smitherman is also working to introduce a bill to curtail the issue.

“We are going to have to give law enforcement some tools so they can protect our streets. We are going to have to do some things to make it clear it is not alright to put human lives in jeopardy,” said Senator Smitherman.

In the meantime, the city is investing in more speed bumps to place in hot spot areas. You can see some on 3rd Avenue and others are located near City Walk.

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