Phenix City man in search of a kidney for his wife

Phenix City man in search of a kidney for his wife
Phenix City man in search of a kidney for his wife
Published: Mar. 23, 2023 at 8:04 PM CDT
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PHENIX CITY, AL. (WTVM) - A man from East Alabama looking for organ donor for his wife, is going above and beyond on the hunt.

News Leader 9′s Gabriela Johnson spent some time speaking with the couple and the message from their conversations was, “ask and ye shall receive.”

“The only way people know if you need a kidney is if you ask people, and you put it out there so they can see it,” says Herbert Askew.

Billboards located on Manchester Expressway and Macon Road in Columbus have an ad that says “My wife, Carol, needs a kidney. Can you help?” for everyone to see.

The husband behind the ads is Phenix city Resident, Herbert Askew. His wife of 47 years, Carol, has stage 4 kidney failure.

Across the U.S., 100,000 people are waiting for a kidney transplant, carol is one of them. She receives 3-hour dialysis treatment, 3 times a week at Davita Phenix City Dialysis Center.

“I just want, I want a longer life. I want to live for my grandkids, my great-granddaughter, and of course him [Herbert],” says Carol.

The couple has 4 children, 5 grandchildren, and almost 2-year-old great-granddaughter.

The Askew’s oldest grandson planned to give his grandmother a kidney, but Askew says life happens.

“He’s young and He had just gotten married,” says Carol, “I told him it was no hard feelings whatsoever.”

Carol is approved for surgery and on the transplant list at 3 different hospitals. UAB in Birmingham, Emory in Atlanta, and Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. UAB is asking for Carol to have a live donor.

“The more you get on, the more you have a chance in getting a kidney, but what we’re trying to do is let people know, you know, we need organ donors also,” says Herbert.

“I’m going to get one, I know I am I really do,” says Carol.

Askew is a five year survivor of Sarcoma in the neck. His wife stood by his side through it all, that’s why he is going above and beyond with spreading the word.

“She supported me 100% and I’m trying to give her 110%. So, I’m reaching out in anyway i can to let people know,” says Herbert.

“He stays so positive, he really does, and that helps and I think that’s what caused me to be so positive is him,” says Carol.

The procedure to be a donor will be no cost to whoever decides to donate because Askew’s insurance will cover the cost.

To get in touch: 706-366-6027 or email:

Phenix City man in search of a kidney for his wife
Phenix City man in search of a kidney for his wife(Source: Herbert Askew)