Opelika Police Department hosts candlelight vigil for Amore Wiggins

Published: Apr. 3, 2023 at 11:28 AM CDT
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AUBURN, Ala. (WTVM) - Opelika’s Baby Jane Doe now identified as Amore Wiggins brought many together Sunday evening in her honor. A place where her life was short lived. The community paying their respects to Amore.

“She was love, she was important, she was special, she means something to the world, she was love and her name is Amore Jo’veah Wiggins, and we’ll carry that on with pride and were seeking justice. Everyday,” said Mother Sherri Wiggins.

After 11 years the child once known as Baby Jane Doe was finally identified as Amore Wiggins. In 2012, the child’s remains were found in Brookhaven mobile park home in Opelika. Amore’s biological father, Lamar Vickerstaff, is being charged with felony murder and stepmother, Ruth VickerStaff, is being charged with failure to report a missing person.

“We will never forget Amore Wiggins,” said Captain Johnathan Clifton.

Hundreds of people came out Sunday to pay respects to a life that ended far too soon. Most people In the Opelika community never knew Amore…but her tragic story touching hearts across the nation.

“Amore’s life is as powerful as her name because what’s more inspiring than love,” said Sergeant Alfred White.

The Opelika Police Department has been working endlessly on the case - never gave up honoring Amore in Opelika. Officials announcing an Amore Wiggins memorial where they are raising funds for a custom bronze statue of Amore sitting on a bench to be placed within the community.

“She will be sitting on a bench so the community will be able to come and sit with her as a way of respecting her and showing her what she meant to us as the Opelika community,” said Chief Shane Healey.

Amores Mother, Sherri Wiggins along with aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers and friends thanking the Opelika Community for the endless love they’ve shown over the years.

“I wish there is something I could of done I am left in sorrows sometimes too much to despair… but the way that you were done was so unfair. I tell myself daily that these people didn’t care. I’m sure you weren’t ready to say goodbye,” said Sherri Wiggins.

Sherri Wiggins said she can’t thank the Opelika Police Department enough for everything they’ve done.

“Opelika police department, Opelika and Amore. Those names together will forever live in my heart and I thank you,” said Sherri Wiggins.

The Opelika Police Department is starting to raise funds for the Amore Wiggins Memorial and need help raising funds for this project. The estimated cost of a custom statue is approximately $12,500 and VCOM at Auburn University has offered to establish a fundraiser for the project. Once funds are raised, it is estimated to take around 6 months to create.

If you would like to be apart of the contact list for that information email Alison Duke with the Opelika Police Department at aduke@opelika-al.gov.