Birmingham woman says StubHub changed her concert tickets less than 24 hours before Taylor Swift show

Published: May. 2, 2023 at 11:20 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - With many residents likely heading to Nashville for the Taylor Swift Eras tour this weekend, one Birmingham woman is urging you to double check your tickets.

Birmingham resident Virginia Stewart bought four tickets to the Atlanta Taylor Swift concert back in November. She, her daughter, and two family friends were going to be right in front of the stage, but she said just hours before showtime, StubHub, switched her tickets.

The four tickets cost $4,200 and Stewart said the site told her they would send her the tickets one day before the show. But, Stewart never got her tickets. Instead, she got an email less than 24 hours before the concert.

“They just said ‘you don’t get these tickets, this is your option’,” Stewart said. “Your tickets are no longer available. Here is what we are giving you instead.”

Stewart said they never told her why exactly her originally chosen seats were not available to her anymore. She said the tickets they offered had an obstructed view, behind the stage.

“It just wasn’t what we paid for,” Stewart said.

Stewart told StubHub she would not be accepting the change. She was told she would get an email within an hour with a link to different options for tickets. The hour passed, the email didn’t come, so she called back. This happened a total of four times. After getting no new tickets presented to her, Stewart asked for a full refund and was granted one. But, flights, travel, and hotels were not reimbursed.

Stewart said all four girls were no longer able to go to the concert. She says she had to spend $4,800 for two individual tickets so her daughter and friend could still see the show. Once the concert started, Stewart said she then got an email with a link to new ticket options. But, it was just a link to the exact same original four tickets they had offered her with the obstructed view.

Stewart said says she wishes they gave her her tickets earlier, when she paid for them.

“I don’t think a guarantee that offers you your money back on the actual day of the event is really a guarantee,” she said. “What it felt like to me was, I paid that credit card off in November, and so I paid them that money for those tickets. But, essentially, it’s almost like it was a deposit on them attempting to get tickets, but not telling me till the day of the event that I wasn’t going to get them.”

“I don’t think its right to tell people you’re going to get your ticket the day before the event,” she said. “At the very least, you should have the tickets in your hands weeks or months in advance.”

Stewart said she has written to StubHub to learn more about what happened to her original tickets, but has not heard back.

WBRC also reached out to StubHub to learn more about this case, but have yet to hear back.

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