Gunshot survivor shares her powerful story and plans to help other survivors

Published: May. 10, 2023 at 12:26 AM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A gun violence survivor in Jefferson County is now working to help others impacted by the same violence that forever changed her life.

Tyneshia Lee was shot in the face, but she is now going far beyond just asking shooters to drop their weapons and she is determined to give others the resources and tools necessary to heal.

Hearing Tyneisha describe the moment that changed her life was far from easy, but it is nothing compared to what she overcame over the last twelve months, and to truly appreciate her work today we must begin back with what her children saw in May 2022.

“Seeing my children stand over while I am laying in a pool of blood, screaming ‘Momma you can’t leave us like this. Momma you can’t go like this’,” said Lee.

The months that followed were excruciating. Not only the pain of several surgeries, but coming to terms with a new reality.

“Gun violence, I have seen it a lot. I never thought it would be. I never thought it would be me,” said Lee.

Today, a scar remains as a reminder of where the bullet first pierced. Lee has no vision in her left eye, and she’s still working to gain feeling back in portions of her face.

“This entire side of my face is metal plates. I have no bone structure over here anymore,” said Lee.

During her fight to recover, she realized there was a larger battle before her.

“Some don’t have the support that I have. So I want to be the person that creates a space for those who don’t have that support,” said Lee.

Lee recently launched her organization “The Face of Resilience”. She hopes that in the years ahead, through fundraising and community support, to open up a resource center for those impacted by violence.

In the meantime, she is urging those who are pulling the triggers to be better.

“Put them down, it is not worth it. Y‘all are ruining lives and y’all are ruining families,” said Lee.

The Face of Resilience launch party raised over $3,600. If you want to learn more about their goals or contribute yourself, you can click here.

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