Life saving DUI technology could soon no longer be mandatory in Alabama

Legislators working to keep the law in place this legislative session
Published: May. 16, 2023 at 9:24 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A law that could save your loved ones lives could be coming off the books in Alabama at the start of July.

Legislators are now discussing the idea of renewing the mandatory ignition interlock technology that prevents people with DUI’s from driving while intoxicated.

There are three bills concerning the ignition interlock law up for discussion between the House and the Senate.

Representative Alan Treadaway says the legislation could be placed on the House floor agenda and discussed as early as Wednesday.

“It has been a great thing. It has helped to significantly reduce the number of alcohol related crashes on the highway over the last five years and we need to put the bill back in place,” said AAA Alabama Communications Manager Clay Ingram.

However, the interlock device may no longer be mandatory for pretrial diversion program participants and the Senate bill looks to leave it up to judges on whether or not the driver has to install them. A fact that some believe will place more lives in danger.

“There is no question because that means there will be fewer interlock devices put in place and we know they have saved thousands of lives. We know there has been thousands of attempts of people to drive intoxicated, but they weren’t able to because they had to blow in to the interlock device and it wouldn’t let them crank the car.”

Ingram hopes that interlock technology remains mandatory.

“We really need people to contact their legislators and senators to get them to fix this and make sure it stays mandatory like it has been the last few years.”

If legislators don’t pass new legislation before the end of the session, the interlock technology will no longer be required starting July 1.

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