How this week’s heat stacks up against the records

Highs will be near 100 degrees Tuesday through Friday
Another brutal heatwave is about to impact Central and South Alabama this week. So how does it stack up?
Published: Jul. 17, 2023 at 11:06 AM CDT
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Well, here we go again. Another brutal heatwave is about to impact Central and South Alabama this week. The worst of it will occur from Tuesday to Friday as high temperatures soar into the upper 90s.

It’s perfectly reasonable to say that some communities will touch 100 degrees a time or two. That days with the best chance of featuring triple digit heat look to be Wednesday and Thursday.

Highs will soar into the upper 90s this week.
Highs will soar into the upper 90s this week.(WSFA 12 News)

It won’t be record-breaking heat in all likelihood since the daily record highs this week are at or above 100 degrees. There’s no doubt it will be very, very close a time or two though.

The record high is 100° for Tuesday, 101° for Wednesday, 104° for Thursday, and 102° for Friday. Right now our forecast is calling for a high of 98° on Tuesday and 99° on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

That would put us within a degree or two of the record both Tuesday and Wednesday. If we tie or break any of the records this week we will certainly pass that along as soon as it becomes official!

Highs have been at or above 98 degrees this year and las year.
Highs have been at or above 98 degrees this year and las year.(WSFA 12 News)

This week’s heat will likely surpass the heatwave we had back in late June and early July. That hottest temperature recorded in Montgomery during that round of intense heat was 98 degrees.

The last time the Capital City reached 99 degrees was just over a year ago on July 8, 2022. The last time we hit at least 100 degrees was June 24th of last year. Multiple days in the triple digits occurred last June, including one day with a high temperature of 104 degrees.

To make matters worse, the humidity will steadily climb after starting off a touch lower to begin the week. That higher humidity will combine with highs in the upper 90s and result in daily heat indices at or above 105 degrees Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Heat of that magnitude can lead to heat-related illness in even the healthiest of people if proper precautions are not taken. Be sure to stay hydrated, drink water even if you aren’t thirsty, wear light-colored and loose-fitting clothing, and avoid extended periods of time outdoors if you can.

It will also be important to check on your family and neighbors who may not have air conditioning and keep the pets inside as much as possible. Eating smaller meals and avoiding caffeine and alcohol can also help you out during extreme heat.

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