Guest Editorial: There is good news!

There is no greater love story, that has ever been told. About one that decided to give up His own.

  Guest Editorial: Thank You Parents and Teachers for Helping Our Children Succeed Under Extraordinary Circumstances

They say change is inevitable, but who among of us would have imagined that we would be required to alter our daily routines so drastically in such a short period of time?

Guest Editorial: A Christmas Carol

This holiday season may feel more than a little strange, but the human spirit is resilient.

Guest Editorial: ‘The virus can’t stop our vote’

The right to vote is sacred; indeed, it is fundamental to our democracy

  Ken Hare: Alabama loses a hero

One of my heroes has died. He was a man of courage, of conviction, of faith, and of action. He was a man who made a difference in the Montgomery community and in the history of this nation.

  Guest Editorial: The Virus Can’t Stop Our Vote

These are trying and unprecedented times in our country.

  Gov. Kay Ivey: This is Our Time, Alabama

An OpEd from Governor Kay Ivey ahead of Independence Day

OPINION: Auburn University petition fails to recognize the full story of Gov. George C. Wallace

I hope beyond hope that no one judges the entirety of their lives solely by the mistakes they made, but, rather, by the lessons they learned from them, the good deeds they accomplished, and the progress they made as people in the great arc of life.

Editorial: Make a Plan to Rescan

If you are receiving our channel over the air with an antenna, you need to Make a Plan to Rescan.

  Editorial: Ways to spend time with family during the COVID-19 pandemic

If you are at home, make the best of it when you can by spending quality time with your families.

  Editorial: Navigating the coronavirus pandemic

Well, we are certainly going through an interesting time as we navigate our way through the unchartered Coronavirus pandemic.

Guest Editorial: Arts education benefits everybody

Arts education benefits everybody.

Guest Editorial: Alabama Story

Who gets to decide what information we share, hear, and consume? Where will the limit lie? These questions are at the heart of ASF's upcoming production of Alabama Story

  Guest Editorial: Call to save First Presbyterian Church

Montgomery is rich with history and it’s one of the things that makes us special. We are defined by the structures around us.

  Guest Editorial: Exercise your right to vote in the upcoming election

Let your voice be heard by voting on Tuesday, March 3.

  Editorial: Thank You Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson is a national treasure and we should be honored to have him here as our neighbor.

  Guest editorial: Jesus is the reason for the season

But one night, He decided to come.

  Guest Editorial: Pro Bono Month

October is recognized as Pro Bono Month in Alabama.

Guest Editorial: View the state’s most significant historic documents

All six of Alabama’s state constitutions and the 1861 ordinance of secession will be on display.

  Guest Editorial: Telethon to benefit United Way

On Sept. 17, WSFA will hold an all-day telethon to benefit the United Way.

  Guest Editorial: See you at the polls Tuesday!

Serving as mayor of the Capital of Dreams over the past decade has been one of the greatest honors of my life.

  Guest Editorial: Attend today, achieve tomorrow

We can all work together to stop truancy by continually emphasizing to our children that every school day counts.

  Editorial: California Dreamin’

I had posted an editorial months ago about the need to build a wall around the state of California.

  Editorial: Montgomery mayoral election

It is time to do your research to determine the best candidate to be the next Mayor of Montgomery.

  Guest Editorial: Summer Fund and Food Drive

This coming Friday will be an exciting day for us at the Montgomery Area Food Bank.

  Guest Editorial: Camp Shakespeare

Theatre education plays a vital role in the lives of young people not just to encourage the next generation of artists, but because it fosters more collaborative, confident, and curious youth.

  Editorial: AOC- Absolutely Out of Control

To allow the freshman congressman, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez or AOC, time to get situated, I have kept quiet about her but I can be quiet no longer.

  Guest Editorial: How is Shakespeare relevant today

“Why do we still perform Shakespeare? Why are we forced to read Shakespeare in school? How is Shakespeare relevant today?”

  Guest editorial: Parental Responsibility!

As parents we must become more vigilant about confronting the issue of gun violence.

  Guest Editorial: Art splash fundraiser

Montgomery Christian School is a private, non-profit Christian school for kindergarten through 5th grade.

  Editorial: Governor Ivey

This week marks a historic milestone here in the state of Alabama. On the steps of the Capitol our first elected Republican woman governor was sworn into office.

  Guest Editorial: Cookie Power!

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season!

  Editorial: What ever happened to compromise?

While visiting the top of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee last week, I experienced firsthand the results of the government shutdown.

Editorial: A Christmas Miracle

This year resulted in a very interesting turn of events regarding my new friend and viewer Nancy.

  Editorial: Not Santa Too!

I ask what’s wrong with our current Santa?

  Editorial: Bah Humbug...Leave the Christmas music alone

Apparently, songs sung during the holidays are now deemed offensive by some.

  Guest Editorial: Thank you!

You not only heard about your friends’ struggles with hunger and felt compassion, but you went a step further.

  Editorial: 12’s Day

We call upon you, our loyal and wonderful viewers, to once again show your generosity in supporting our efforts to put food on the tables of those in need and provide a gift for a child who may not otherwise receive one.

  Editorial: George H W Bush, RIP

The passing of Former President George H W Bush brings to close an era of civility in politics.

  Editorial: The Sound of Music

Once again, the Alabama Shakespeare Festival has another winner on its hands and you will be the loser if you choose not to go see it.

  Editorial: The Last Straw

There has been much conversation of late regarding restaurants across this great country which are looking at eliminating plastic drinking straws and replacing them with paper straws.