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Gov. Ivey’s cancer treatment procedure ‘went well,’ her office says

The outpatient procedure, conducted at UAB Hospital in Birmingham, “went well and as planned,” Ivey’s spokeswoman said.

Baron Cohen asks judge to dismiss Moore lawsuit

  Alabama explores adding air conditioning to school buses

  'We thought it was cool’: Ala. resident wants to put vaping addiction behind her

  Parole hearings to resume in November following victim notification oversight

Ala. congressman tweets photo with ex-Gov. Bentley, Mason

Ivanka Trump helps launch manufacturing workforce initiative in north Alabama

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Worley: DNC chair trying to ‘beat Alabama into submission’

DNC: Alabama Democratic Party hasn’t met basic obligations

  Montgomery Election director counters Ala. Secretary of State’s election concerns

Former Alabama attorney general joins congressional race

  $21M in revenue cuts, layoffs expected by Ala. Dept. of Public Health

  State will monitor Montgomery municipal runoff election

  ‘Heavens no, I’m not going to resign’: Ivey reiterates after apology for blackface skit

Gov. Kay Ivey reiterated Tuesday she won’t resign after some state lawmakers and the Alabama NAACP asked her to step down for participating in a blackface skit when she was in college.

  Jones addresses Medicaid expansion, governor’s blackface

Jones discussed items ranging from the F-35 program to Medicaid expansion, and even the controversy surrounding Gov Ivey’s admission of using blackface.

Alabama governor doesn’t plan to resign over blackface skit

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey says she should not have worn blackface in a college skit decades ago, but she does not plan to resign over something that happened so long in the past

  ‘Rebuild’ signs identify which roads the new gas tax money will fix

Elmore County Chief Engineer Richie Beyer said the money was desperately needed for dozens of roads that ‘should have been fixed yesterday.’

  Ala. Education Dept: Schools vulnerable to cyber attacks

Kamala Harris gives rare endorsement in Montgomery mayoral race

  ‘Unwavering’ Gov. Kay Ivey has no plans to resign

Rep. Brooks says Huntsville may not get Space Command HQ

  Cities, counties to submit plans detailing how to use new gas tax money

Roy Moore tells Minn. congresswoman she ‘should go back to Somalia’

Judge weighs defamation claim against Roy Moore

Judge weighs defamation lawsuit against Moore

5 companies compete to build new Alabama prisons

Companies compete to build Alabama prisons as construction plan inches forward

Alabama Republican Party opposes appointed school board

The Alabama Republican Party is opposing a proposal to replace the state's elected school board with one appointed by the governor

DNC denies seats to Alabama Party leaders

DNC denies seats to Alabama Party leaders

  VIDEOS: Getting to know the Montgomery Mayoral Candidates

Montgomery voters will elect a new mayor on Aug. 27, after current Mayor Todd Strange announced he will not run for re-election.

Limestone County sheriff indicted on theft, ethics charges

Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely is facing 13 counts of theft and ethics charges. Blakely was arrested on Thursday and released on bond.

  Fusion Center works to reduce threats to Ala. schools

Alabama has a system in place to help schools know whether threats made against them are real or fake.

Worley could lose DNC credential after missed deadlines

Worley could lose DNC credential after missed

Lawmaker, advocates want yoga ban lifted in Alabama schools

Rep. Jeremy Gray says he’s pushing for a change and is encouraging the teaching of yoga in schools.

Absentee ballot application deadline is Thursday

The deadline to make an application for an absentee ballot for Montgomery’s mayoral election is Thursday.

Dalraida to get new park; County commissioner gives $75K to efforts

The city recently cleared the old Screws Armory on Atlanta Highway in Dalraida, making an empty area. There are now plans to create a green space for residents to enjoy.

  Alabama says ‘I don’t’ to issuing marriage licenses

Alabama will do away with marriages licenses beginning Aug. 29 after the state legislature passed legislation earlier this year.

  Ala. law aims to penalize people with fake service dogs

Federal law says you can’t ask someone what their disability is or require medical documentation for the dog or owner.

  Alabama’s youngest county commissioner attacked by family dog

Though smiling and giving a ‘thumbs up’, you could still see dried blood on his hands and legs.

Ainsworth opposes south Alabama toll proposal

Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth is expressing opposition to a proposed toll bridge in south Alabama. The Republican lieutenant governor posted a video Monday saying he is firmly against the project

Ex-Alabama gov accused in sex scandal opens new office

A former Alabama governor who resigned amid a sex scandal has now opened a new dermatology office

Deadline passes for new Democratic Party elections

A deadline has passed for the Alabama Democratic Party to elect new leaders

  Alabama offers grants to push 2020 census participation

Money for things like special education, health care, and roads are at stake, because those federal dollars are set based on data taken in the census.

Roy Moore defamation lawsuit against accusers is paused

A judge has paused a defamation suit filed by Roy Moore against women who accused him during his unsuccessful U.S. Senate bid of past misconduct

Alabama won’t release contract related to executions

The Alabama attorney general's office has refused to release a contract related to development of nitrogen gas as a possible execution method citing security concerns

  Martha Roby not closing door to future run at public office

She used the opportunity to thank voters for sending her to Congress, spoke of accomplishments, and of the challenges ahead.

  Study commission to legalize medical marijuana holds first meeting

The Medical Cannabis Study Commission met for the first time Tuesday to discuss the issue of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana commission to hold first meeting

Alabama's medical marijuana commission is holding its first meeting

  Law tasks Ala. truckers with learning human trafficking signs

One sex trafficking victim says she supports a new state law that requires commercial driver’s license programs and junior colleges to provide human trafficking training.

Gov. Ivey to host ceremonial bill signing

Gov. Kay Ivey will host a ceremonial bill signing on Monday for legislation passed during the 2019 legislative session.

  Ala. looks to put stop to millions of school absences

There were around 6.5 million total absences in the 2018-19 school year throughout the state.

  Dozens of school districts want funds for security, report shows

“We have some schools that are new and that were built with that. Others are very old," Hollingsworth said.

  Rule change expected to give struggling hospitals another lifeline

A new rule change was announced this month is expected to help financially struggling hospitals.

  New pre-k classrooms open, but advocates still want to cut down wait lists

Around 164 new Pre-K classes are making their way to Alabama for the upcoming school year.

Lawmakers praise rule change to help Alabama’s struggling hospitals

“Alabama hospitals have suffered the negative effects of the Medicare wage index for over two decades,” said U.S. Senator Richard Shelby, R-Alabama, who praised the change.

State representative intends to run for U.S. Congress

A state representative has announced his plans to run for a U.S. Congress seat.

  Former state representative plans run for congressional seat

A former state representative plans to run for a seat in the U.S. Congress.

  All K-12 public schools will need to offer computer science courses in 3 years

Nearly 60% of middle schools and high schools offer at least one computer science class.

  Legislative committee holds legal contract for Mobile River Bridge project

The contract deals specifically with the high-profile Mobile River Bridge project, which includes a proposed toll.

State could pay over $1 million for blocked abortion law

State could pay over $1 million in legal fees for blocked abortion law

  Toll proposal for Mobile bridge project raises concerns

A $6 toll proposal to help pay for a new bridge and expanded Bayway across the Mobile Bay is concerning people who use the I-10 route.

National party officials reject Alabama Democrats’ bylaws

National party officials are expressing concerns that the Alabama Democratic Party isn't doing enough to attract more non-black minorities

Ala. Democratic Party leaders in Washington for DNC meeting

On Tuesday, the Alabama Democratic Party leadership was back in Washington, D.C. for another meeting with the DNC Credentials Committee.

  Study task force aims to legalize direct wine shipment in Alabama

Last session there were at least seven bills dealing with the direct shipment of wine that failed, according to Sen. Jabo Waggoner, R-Birmingham.

ADEM chief rips media over 3M reports

Lance LaFleur says ADEM's reaction to the spill in the Tennessee River isn't being represented accurately

  New law aims to give more help to kids with dyslexia

The law will roll out over the next few years.

  Firefighters with cancer will get more help to pay for treatment

“Our occupation is a dangerous occupation and we’re exposed to all kinds of elements and byproducts,” West explained.

  State lawmakers prep for state gas tax increase

In less than two months you will pay more money when you buy gas - 6 cents more per gallon to be exact.

Gov. Ivey to hold ceremonial signing for 22 bills

From bills creating unpaid internships at polling places, matters involving voyeurism, and even legislation about local leash laws, Gov. Ivey is set to ceremonially sign a lot of legislation.

Citizens vote to use Special 5 Mill Tax Fund for Auburn City Schools’ facilities, renovation

91 percent of voters were in favor of using the Special 5 Mill Tax Fund for Auburn City Schools’ facilities, including major renovations to J.F. Drake Middle School and Cary Woods Elementary School.

  The War Within: Alabama grapples with high veteran suicide rates

“We took him out deep sea fishing and he caught a lemon shark," his mom remembered. "He was so tickled pink calling all his friends." Now, all she has are pictures and memories.

Alabama: Keep statewide elections for appellate courts

Alabama is asking a judge to uphold the state's practice of electing appellate judges by statewide vote, arguing party preference, and not racial prejudice, has created the current all-white courts

  Study group meets to find solutions to state prison problems

In an effort to avoid a federal lawsuit, Governor Kay Ivey's study group on criminal justice policy met Monday.

East Ala. voter registrar removed from position, effective immediately

While the secretary of state does not supervise members of a Board of Registrars, state law gives the state’s chief elections officer authority to remove a member for cause.

Government seeks to dismiss Alabama lawsuit over Census

Government seeks to dismiss Alabama lawsuit over Census

New poll shows Alabama’s feelings on Gov. Ivey, Pres. Trump, abortion, Confederate monuments & Democratic candidates

President Trump's approval rating is holding steady, but Governor Ivey's sees a significant slip

  State parks heavily rely on guest fees

The parks are an attraction for many, especially during the summer. But for the parks to stay open, they rely heavily on entrance and amenity fees.

Ivey forms criminal justice study group

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is creating a study commission to make recommendations on criminal justice reform as the state tries to address overcrowded and understaffed state prisons

Ivey tumbles out of Top 10 most popular governor rankings

Gov. Ivey has touted her No. 3 ranking among the nation's most popular governors, but after signing the state's abortion law, her favorability took a big hit among voters.

  Jones leads the cash race ahead of Ala. Senate election

Here’s a list of how much money the top campaigns have raised since the first of 2019, including the first quarter.

Court has until Aug. 5 to respond in abortion lawsuit

Alabama has until Aug. 5 to respond to a request to block the state's near-total abortion ban from taking effect this fall

  New law requires Alabama bail bondsmen be licensed

The new law would would create a Professional Bail Bond Board to regulate the licenses.

  Convicted felons to benefit from new law that removes job barriers

In one example of the red tape a new Alabama law seeks to cut, convicted felons cannot have a cosmetology license even though they are taught cosmetology in prison.