Editorial: Feedback

You had much to say regarding recent editorials.

Myra Corsino's take on the Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent Search:

"The community was asked for input that was ignored.  Everyone screams we need participation and input, why ask and then ignore if a few do not agree?"

Craig Carlson's feedback on our guest editorial A Climate of Hate: "Let's not confuse hate with our responsibilities we have as Americans to point out when our elected officials deviate from the Constitution they have sworn to uphold."

Faye Forbus responded to our guest editorial Click it or Ticket: "I never thought I should be told to buckle up or else until my three year old granddaughter at the time was riding in my car and after I buckled her in her car seat and started the car she said buckle your seatbelt Granny cause we can't go until the seat belt is buckled - so we learn from babes even in our older age."

John Richardson offered this feedback to our Prison Funding editorial: "Please stop calling us guards.  We are correctional officers and are certified, eleven hard weeks of training.  Most correctional officers have degrees or some college.  We do more than just keep inmates from escaping, there's a lot of counseling  on a daily basis.  Some of us do try to discourage inmates from committing other crimes when they are released from prison."

And Heather Parham on our Checkpoints editorial:  "I see no problems with the checkpoints.  If you have nothing to hide and have your driver's license and proof of insurance, then ok.  If you don't have these things then you shouldn't be driving!  I welcome the police to do checkpoints in the Dalraida neighborhood."

We appreciate all of your feedback!