Editorial: Feedback

Our editorial last week encouraging Alabama and Auburn to schedule in state games with more fan interest than paying big bucks to lesser name out of state teams struck a chord.

Tom DeBray emailed: "This is an idea whose time has come.  Aside from financial rewards, which would be considerable, imagine the excitement such games would generate among the various fan bases.  The only believable reason that the larger schools oppose such an arrangement is the fear of losing to one of the smaller in-state schools.  That is hardly an inspiring attitude.  The Alabama and Auburn football programs should adopt Troy University's slogan - Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere - and start practicing that philosophy right here in Sweet Home Alabama."

Regarding our abandoned eyesores editorial that focused on four homes within 200 yards of each other on or just off of East Delano in West Montgomery, city officials say all are now targeted for demolition, and the abandoned apartments on Wilmington Road were as well, but a new potential buyer has halted the process.

Responding to that editorial, Jerry Hunter emailed: "I invite you to tour Normandale where we have two burnt houses on Byrne Drive and another on Wesley Drive, all within a block of my home.  One house on Bryne is a recent event whereas the other two homes have been in that condition for several years.  I have reported these same two houses to the city authorities to no avail.  Maybe the city officials are no longer interested in the southeast part of the city."

We appreciate all of your feedback.