Strange broom stands in Prattville business

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PRATTVILLE, AL (WSFA) - What in the world is going inside a new business in Prattville? A light-weight broom standing alone, standing by itself.  No joke, no kidding.

It all started late last week for Christy Burdett when she and her sister were getting Christy's new consignment shop ready.

"My sister had just moved a 3 tier shelf over there and she looked back and said 'Christy, get the camera!' and I said I don't have a camera. Why? She said 'look at the broom.' It didn't really scare me. I was just trying to figure out why it was just standing there," said Burdett.

From the store the news about the strange broom swept through town, generating hundreds of spectators, according to Burdett. During our story we found more than few folks gathering at Burdett's front door snapping away pictures.

Push it a little and the broom sways ever-so slightly. Knock it down and you can put right back where it was. Not just in the middle of the store but in two other locations as well.

Burdett placed the broom in the back to prove her point. She insists this is no trickery on her part and some have wondered if she had it glued. No evidence of glue but when you lift the broom you do feel a slight magnetic pull yet there are no magnets under the floor.

"I think we got a little Holy Spirit here," Burdett said with a chuckle.

Back in the center of Burdett's consignment shop, Burdett sets the broom down on its flexible bristles just inches away from an electrical plug. A connection? Maybe but Burdett isn't buying it.

"Last week we had no electrical power and that was before we had the electrician restore electricity," she said.

Christy Burdett says she is not the least bit spooked by this. In fact she's already making plans to make the broom a selling point, a conversation piece for her new business.

"This broom is not leaving the store,' Burdett promised.

In the meantime, Christy Burdett is going about her preparations to get her business ready, satisfied with leaving the mystery behind the standing broom.. a mystery.

Burdett plays to open her Vintage Blu shop next week.

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