Power rates coming down

The Board of Trustees at Pioneer Electric have voted to reduce the price of electricity for its members/owners.  "Our power supplier, PowerSouth, has projected a decrease in the wholesale price of power for the remainder of the year, and, we are now passing that savings on to our members in the form of a reduced Wholesale Power Adjustment (WPA)" Pioneer General Manager, Steve Harmon, said.

"Our board is extremely excited to be in a position to help our members deal with the current economic recession by dropping our commercial and residential rates by nearly 2 percent" Harmon said.  "Our average residential member uses about 1,200 kWh per month; this reduction means lowering that average bill by about $3.60 per month. The net effect is an overall savings to both residential and commercial members"

Pioneer is also looking at redesigning its rate structure in January 2010 to more fairly distribute our cost across each rate class, and to reduce our dependence on weather variations. 

Pioneer Electric Cooperative, Inc. serves more than 13,000 rural customers in all or parts of nine central Alabama counties, including Lowndes and Butler.