Editorial: Recycle

Curbside recycling ends next week in Montgomery.  It was a good program for 20 years, despite the fact that it didn't include glass, less than a third of residents participated and only about a third of what they put curbside was actually recycled.

Recycling will continue with pickups the first and third Saturday's each month at Bellingrath and Goodwyn Jr. High's and Dannelly, Wares Ferry, Halcyon and Peter Crump Elementary schools.

We encourage more people to take recyclables to these places or to McInnis Recycling or Mount Scrap material Company.

We encourage the city to continue pursuing other recycling options perhaps with Team Green that would set up a material recycling facility at our landfill like they plan to do in Baldwin County,  or  the plasma recycling option offered by a company in Huntsville that plans to convert waste to energy.

We also encourage more enforcement of fines for littering in our region.

Don't litter in your neighborhood or anyone else's.

Prisoners work six days a week cleaning litter on major highways.

It is up to us to keep our neighborhoods litter free and to recycle.

Let's take more pride in our entire region and do both!