Editorial: Family Guidance Center

For 50 years, The Family Guidance Center has strengthened families in our region through counseling services and numerous programs, including Success by 6, a community-based partnership ensuring all children ages 0-6 develop skills they need to be prepared for school and life.

Another program run by the private, non-profit Family Guidance Center is Big Brothers Big Sisters.

It is a special youth mentoring program that can change the life of not only the little brother or little sister, but also the Big Brother or Sister who team with them.

There are more than 100 children waiting now for a Big Brother and Big Sister.

An equal number have one.

Clearly, the need is greater than the number of volunteers available.

Children from single parent homes who participate in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program remain in school and out of the juvenile delinquency system at a rate that is four to six times greater than the national average.

We can honor the Family Guidance Center on their golden anniversary for their service to our community by giving some of our time each week to be a Big Brother or Big Sister.