Guest Editorial: PTSA

Parental  involvement is a critical part of our students receiving a quality education.  It is just as important in secondary school as being involved in the early stages of learning.  Research shows that when parents are involved student academic achievements and attendance  increase, while behavior problems and the dropout rate decreases.   Parents are students first teachers and must remain actively involved in the learning process of the student from kindergarten through secondary school.

Every high school in the City of Montgomery has a Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA).  I strongly encourage parents and students to join and actively become involved in this 211 year old school organization.  Memberships allow for support of the school that includes supplies, equipment, activities, scholarships for students and much more.  Parent participation is a welcome extension of support to the teachers whose tasks are many and resources are limited.  Membership into the PTSA gives parents a voice that will ring loudly in concern and support.

So whether it is JD, Lee, LAMP, Lanier, Brewtech, BTW, Trinity, Catholic or the Mighty Wolverines of Carver Senior High.  Please show you support of your child's high school, join the PTSA today and most importantly, get involved.

Eris Beasley
Carver PTSA President