Promise to save PACT

Right now it may only be a piece of paper, but to folks vested in PACT, its a promise.

Contract holder Patti Lambert says,

"Its a prayer come true!"

Contract holder Patti Lambert says its an answered prayer in the form of a package of legislation, addressing current contract holders and proposed changes to the PACT Board.

This is the first sign of legislation to revive PACT following the RSA's detailed report of the program's investment portfolio.

"Its past time to act." reports Representative Greg Wren.  Wren's comprehensive program is broken down into three bills.

The first bill reinforces the state's policy to honor the 48,000 contracts.

Bill number two amends the pact statute, changing the membership guidelines of the PACT Board and requiring members to give annual reports to the Legislature.

The final bill concentrates on protecting PACT by creating a 25-member task force to oversee the board. Each task force member would be a PACT contract holder.

"We have a difficult issue ahead." says Wren.  But parents fighting for PACT quickly remind lawmakers the difficult discussions about this program aren't about to start in January during the regular Legislative session.  They started months ago, when the program unraveled.

"There is a gal from Albertville, who just lost her husband to cancer.  During the final radiation treatment, they had to lie to him that the PACT program had been restored so he could go in peace, knowing his kids would have a college education." says Lambert.

Wren says the legislation won't cost the taxpayers.  He plans to introduce the package during the regular Legislative session in January.