Houston Co. Comm: Gov. shouldn't take joy in ruling

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) - Mark Culver, Chairman of the Houston County Commission, issued the following statement after learning of the Alabama Supreme Court's ruling on bingo:

Today, the Supreme Court issued a ruling related to electronic charitable bingo in the State of Alabama, giving clear guidelines for the operation of bingo.  As we have stated from day one, bingo in Houston County will abide by the law of the State and the Regulations of the County Commission.  The guidelines established today by the Alabama Supreme Court will be used to make sure any operation is legal and I have been assured by the operators at Country Crossing that the machines there will comply with the Supreme Court guidelines.

It is concerning, however, that the Governor's office continues to take joy in the potential loss of thousands of Alabama jobs at a time when our State has the tenth highest unemployment rate and the third highest unemployment growth rate in the country.  Yesterday, 704 workers at Country Crossing were glad to have a job providing for their families.  The citizens of Houston County continue to express their support of the economic impact of Country Crossing, with many suppliers reaping benefits from the construction and services provided.  Instead of gloating over what they misinterpret as the elimination of bingo that could cost charities in the State millions of dollars, our State leaders need to show the resolve to legislatively fix and regulate this industry for the benefit of all Alabama citizens.

We are committed to making Country Crossing a reality in Houston County, not because of bingo, but because we represent and will fight for the hundreds of workers at Country Crossing, their families and the citizens of Houston County.

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