Editorial: Feedback

Our Race Relations editorial this week drew this response from Patricia Russell from Pike Road: "Your last comment in the editorial is the bottom line as far as I'm concerned.   The character and moral values of a person are very important in our choice of friends.  Color is not important! We attend worship with those whose skin is black.  They are our brothers and sisters in Christ.  If all people, regardless of color will live as law-abiding citizens and if they will accept responsibility for their behavior, they should be accepted for anything for which they are qualified."

Regarding our editorial on Taxing Troubles, Steve from Deatsville responded "We may be 50th in tax revenue but near that on wages also.  You can't tax welfare and social security and how many counties have a majority of its population living on that?"

Jim Miller from Mathews emailed: "We would not be in the current situation if the legislature had not overturned the Governor's veto several years back and passed a large salary increase for teachers, knowing they could not pay for it in future years, even at the larger revenues we enjoyed.  Instead of putting away our large windfall of revenue for a rainy day, our legislature spent it.  We need new leadership in the legislature that can demonstrate fiscal responsibility and look out to the future years, not just to the next election."

And an update on our Steady Improvement editorial regarding Montgomery County Public Schools:  there are now seven career academies serving 360 students and the number of students enrolled is expected to increase to 800 next year and 1,300 the following year.  That is a terrific accomplishment that our entire community should applaud!

We appreciate all of your feedback.