Faulkner student accused of making terrorist threat

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - When Faulkner University student Clay Parker got an urgent text message late Thursday afternoon he knew it was serious.

"That's when I realized there was something to it," he said.

The message alerted students of the campus shutdown and encouraged them to go to their dorm rooms.

Some tense moments as well for university spokeswoman Leigh Brannan.

"My heart just jumped and I just said dear God please deliver us from this and He did," said Brannan.

It turns out 22-year old Zachary Lambert, a student at Faulkner, caused the scare according to police. Investigators have charged Lambert with making a terrorist threat, something he wrote on Facebook but police and Brannan declined to say just what it is he allegedly wrote and the motive. WSFA 12 News has learned, however, the threat was not directed towards anyone in particular.

"He (Lambert) says he didn't mean anything malicious by it but we can't determine what his intent was," said Major Huey Thornton of the Montgomery Police Department.

We do know up until now Zachary Lambert had no known criminal record. A fellow student notified university officials after reading the Facebook threat and within 20 minutes, the entire campus was notified through its Eaglecast Alert System, something the school didn't play around with considering the shootings at Virginia Tech and Columbine.

Brannan says as far as she knows no one has complained whether the alert should have been sent sooner but are looking at ways to make changes if any changes need to be made.

Clay Parker for one is pleased with the way the school handled the situation and does not know Zachary Lambert.

"I'm surprised this happened because this is such a small campus and everybody knows everybody," said Parker.

For now Lambert sits in the Montgomery County Detention Center. Lambert's bond is $500,000, and court records show he does not have an attorney.

Today it's all calm and quiet on the Faulkner University campus, a far cry from just 24 hours ago.

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