Bicycles Finally Arrive In Alabama For Foster Children

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Rounding the corner on East Delano Avenue in front of WSFA 12 News, an 18-wheeler pulled in, loaded with 500 unassembled bikes.

In more ways than one it's been a long journey from California to Alabama. 2,200 miles but the trip to get the bikes in Montgomery seemed like it took forever.

"They told us they could do it and later called and said they couldn't," said Lori Kitchens last Thursday regarding the California moving company.

The bicycles were supposed to go to foster children across Alabama and Tennessee, in memory of Lori's dad who died suddenly a little more than 3 years ago. Instead of flowers at his funeral, they asked people to donate a bike and 3 months later, started the Phillip Vick Foundation, a foundation that gives bikes to foster children every Christmas.

With timing running out, Lori Kitchens told her story to WFA 12 News reporter Sally Pitts and one thing led to another.

"I heard it on WSFA 12 News," said Jessica Baloch.

Baloch of Covan Moving saw the story and knew something had to be done. It was Baloch who set the wheels in motion.

"We're in the business of helping people and we wanted to do something," said Baloch.

The 18-wheeler will take the bikes to a Montgomery church where they will assemble them. From the church the bicycles will be distributed to foster children.

"I think my dad would be proud,' Kitchens said.

A truckload of bikes weighing 15,000 but now they're in Alabama Lori Kitchens feels a mighty weight has been lifted. Those foster children will get their gift after all.

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