Citizens for a Better Alabama angry with passage of casino amnesty bill

Posted by: Mario Hendricks - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Leaders of the Citizens for a Better Alabama testified in front of the Tourism and Travel Committee against Rep. Marcel Black's bill, HB 154, which they say gives unprecedented criminal and civil immunity and tax amnesty to casino owners, operators and special interests.

"Every Alabamian should be up in arms about the swift passage of this amnesty bill," said Catherine Snow, Senior Adviser for Citizens for a Better Alabama.

"We want to know why any politician would vote for a bill that grants casino bosses complete and unprecedented immunity from prosecution and gives them tax amnesty, while removing any charitable contribution requirements.  But, those who testified today in favor of this bill pulled  on the heart strings of Committee members, as they pleaded for funds for their local firehouses and other charities. The hypocrisy of this bill is simply breath-taking. It was written by casino bosses FOR casino bosses."

CBA President Eric Johnston concurred, "Seems like Alabama has been down this road before," referring to Phenix City, Alabama, which was in a stranglehold to casino bosses in the 1950's. "Makes you wonder how many campaign coffers were replenished and other deals made to move this bill through in record time."

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