Crowd gets rowdy outside Country Crossing hearing

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Dothan, AL (WSFA) - While the legal arguments between Country Crossing and the State were underway inside the Houston County Courthouse Wednesday, folks filled the sidewalks outside holding signs in support of Country Crossing.

Complete with t-shirts and signs, they made sure their voices were heard.

"Please leave us alone, and let us keep our jobs," said Angela Craddock.

Craddock, an employee of Country Crossing says, she had been out of work for seven months until she was able to get the job.

While most of their shirts and signs focused on the jobs created at Country Crossing, some took a direct stab at the Governor.

Don Manning, who held a sign that read "Impeach Riley" said, "I believe that everybody should have their own day in court, and that the people should vote.  One person shouldn't make the decision for all."

But not everyone that showed up supported Country Crossing.

Randy Plott, who shouted, "Country lies, country crimes," said that just because something created jobs, doesn't make it legal.

He drew comparisons to illegal drugs and prostitution.

He said, "The machines are illegal.  It's not true bingo.  If you want a good job, get an education.  I will tell all these people—this is what happens when you don't finish school."

His statements riled up the crowd, and Sheriff's deputies soon broke up the bickering.

But not before supporters got one last word.

Clint Grantham, a supporter of Country Crossing said, "We're not brainwashed, and we're not here because we don't have an education.  I have a job, and I feel that it's immoral if we don't support these people's jobs."

Duane and July Soine stood and watching the scene unfold.

The couple had driven in from Michigan because they heard about Country Crossing on the Ralph Emerson show.

"We've been to Branson a number of times and Nashville, and we thought maybe this was the start of something else," Soine said.

The start of something big is what they found, as they stumbled upon the center of a bingo battle.

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