Editorial: Illegal Gambling?

If the gaming machines statewide are illegal, they should be shut down. If they are not, they should be taxed.

It is ludicrous what is going on statewide. It boggles the mind and frustrates even the most casual observer.

Several businesses are pocketing gaming money tax free.

Constitutional amendments permitting charity bingo were approved for many counties. State Supreme Court rulings indicate electronic bingo as used in these counties is not legal but our attorney general doesn't agree.

It appears specific test cases for each county using the machines need to be ruled upon so let's get that done so we can: Stop the search warrants, raids and restraining orders. Stop the name calling, hostile letter writing, and questionable actions by circuit court judges. Stop putting hard working citizens in a cycle of uncertainty regarding their jobs.

This isn't the wild West but supposedly the civilized South.

Our attorney general should shut down the machines if they are illegal. If they are not, they should be licensed for a fee and taxed!