Country Crossing leaders disappointed with bingo bill failure

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

ENTERPRISE, AL (WSFA) – The failure of the gambling legislation in the state senate wasn't news leaders of country crossing wanted to hear.

"A lot of things have gone up and down and said over the last few days, a lot of stuff behind closed doors have changed people minds we not shocked we're just disappointed," says Doug Rainer, spokesperson for Country Crossing.

Despite the loss leaders say they're not giving up hope lawmakers will come up with a bill that would allow Alabama voters to decide the issue.

"We are still moving full steam ahead on the effort to make this happen," added Rainer.

But the developers of Country Crossing say if clarity on the bingo issue isn't reached the development could leave the state.

"Many people and many states have made strong incentives to get the project there and they are still doing that today. and with what is going on in the state they want to know if we are still interested and the answer is yes we are and that might come to fruition if that state doesn't get clarity on the bingo issue," says Rainer.

Developers say they don't want to leave the wiregrass but without electronic bingo they're unable to finance the project.

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