Turkey Talk in Brundidge

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Brundidge, AL (WSFA) - When you walk by Donny Richards shop in Brundidge it sounds like he's got about 50 wild turkeys locked inside.   But he's the only one inside.  He's surrounded by wood and work heavy machinery.   He makes turkey calls, and they are quite a hit.    "It's a passion," Richards said.  "I don't do it for the money."

Richards has been hunting turkeys for more than 40 years.  He bought a lot of turkey calls in his day, and he just wasn't satisfied.   So he decided to start making them himself.    "I can look you in the eye and say there aren't none as good as my turkey calls."   Now how he makes his box calls and pot calls is classified.  That's between him and the turkeys.   But Richards is quick to point out, his craft has nothing to do with him.   "I give the Lord all the credit."

The name of the company might be as sweet as the sound his calls make.   It's called Come Heah to Meah.    "That's what my old momma used to always say come heah to meah boy! People laugh and don't forget it."

Donny Richards offers a lifetime warranty on his turkey calls and he loves to teach.  You can call him down in Brundidge at 334 735-2452.

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