Editorial: Core Standards

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Workforce preparedness is key to survival for states in as competitive an economic environment we've ever had in our country and the key to that is quality education.

We applaud the Alabama Board of Education for adopting the Common Core State Standards Initiative for schools.  It will strengthen our existing state standards in English and Math and keep us on a level playing field with most other states nationally.

The standards set a consistent framework for what students need to know and allows our local teachers, principals and superintendents to determine how the lessons are taught and standards met.

It should also enable the state to reduce the need for remediation, a costly issue, and be helpful for the many children of transient military families we educate statewide.

We will also get a clearer picture of how we measure up with other states since our standards would be the same.

This is another signal to businesses in our state and those that want to come here that Alabama is committed to maintaining the highest educational standards in the nation.

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