Neighbors talk about a rash of crimes...

Monday - May 9, 2011

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Residents who live in the Carter Hill Road area of Montgomery are concerned about a number of crimes in their neighborhood. Tonight, they met to talk about what can be done to put a lid on the crooks and thieves.  Reporter Cody Holyoke will give us the full rundown on what was said.  It's our lead story at 10.
Two people found themselves in a "heap o' trouble" with law enforcement in Pratt City outside of Birmingham.  Police charged the pair with looting.  And, you won't believe what the cops found in the suspects' trunk!
Parents of children in one Montgomery school are a little perplexed tonight....not sure about the school board's intentions.  Reporter Samuel King will sort out the facts from the fiction at 10.
They're little red-eyed noisemakers who've just waked up from their 13 year nap...and they're everywhere around Montgomery neighborhoods making enough racket to wake the dead.  Tonight, an update on the rise and fall of the cicadas!
And, a group has filed a lawsuit trying to overturn the governor's choices for trustees at Auburn University - including long-serving member, Bobby Lowder.  We'll tell you the grounds for the suit.
Plus, a new forecast with some rain chances late in the week.
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