Local reaction and a conversation with a defense attorney on Casey Anthony's verdict

Tuesday - July 5, 2011

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Hope you got some rain at your place today. Rich has the rain chances for the next 7 days coming up!

In the meantime, lots of folks I talked with were stunned when the jury acquitted Casey Anthony in the death of her daughter.  Did the jury get it right?  We'll talk with local folks and an attorney who says there were two key decisions that influenced the "not guilty" verdict. We'll also have the results of our wsfa.com on line poll.  You can still vote...just go to wsfa.com and look for the poll.

The State House corruption trial in Montgomery is now in week 5.  Today, instead of Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley, an FBI agent continued to testify about recordings of conversations involving the defendants.

The city of Montgomery asked the City Council to approve selling property in downtown for thousands *less* than it's appraised value.  Why?  Stick around and watch the news at 10 for the answer.

The city's "staycation" - a four day 4th of July holiday celebration wrapped up with a fireworks show over the river.  So, did the event attrac the kind of crowds the city hoped for?  We'll run down the numbers.

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