Macon Co. parents outraged over alleged Facebook death threat

TUSKEGEE, AL (WSFA) - The Macon County School System may have its first case of extreme cyber-bullying, as there's news of an alleged death threat.

"That means murder, that means murder!" Macon County resident Patricia Borum said.

Borum claims her teenage daughter, Allyissa, received a Facebook death threat. "The harassment of my girls, I want  that to stop," Borum said.

The comment is too explicit for reposting, but Borum said she's fearful for her daughter's safety because she says the word "murk" is slang for murder.

"That I take very seriously," Borum explained.

Borum says her daughter, a ninth graders at Booker T. Washington in Tuskegee, was involved in a pushing incident on August 19.

She says that event led to cyberspace bullying off campus. Then a bus fight broke out on August 22 resulting in suspensions for the girl and her sister.

"It's all because she told of the bumping incident. So how do you go from a bump to murder?" Borum asked.

Macon County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jacqueline Brooks said experts must decipher the definition of the word "murk", as it can be interpreted differently.

"We have to do a very good job of investigating because we're dealing with the lives of young people, and we have to be fair and afford all of them due process," Dr. Brooks explained.

Dr. Brooks added that her school system has an anti-student harassment policy that extends into cyberspace.

"We have to determine if any cyber-bullying occurred, and that's the point where we are now," Brooks said.

Ms. Borum filed an official compliant with the Tuskegee Police Department and says she's been getting the run around. She says she was told to take the matter up with the Macon County Juvenile Court. A representative at the court said they are investigating the case but would not comment.

Even though he declined an on-camera interview, Tuskegee Police Chief Lester Patrick said police are investigating the incident.

"Nobody wants to pick up the Internet part of it," Borum said adding that her daughters have since deactivated their Facebook accounts. She says she'll continue to fight for their safety.

The superintendent says it's expected this incident will be brought up during a hearing on Thursday. Dr. Brooks says a new online anti-bullying program will soon be implemented.

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