Montgomery Co. Moonshine Bust

MONTGOMERY CO., AL (WSFA) - The Alabama Beverage Control board now says the moonshine bust that happened in Montgomery County Tuesday could be connected to another operation in Bullock County.

"The biggest thing is no taxes is being collected on the finish product," ABC District Supervisor Lieutenant Kenny Davis said.

Images from the moonshine bust in Bullock County on September 23rd include 55-gallon drums of beer mash and 200 pounds of sugar, all ingredients needed to make moonshine.

"They take water out of the creeks and pounds, animals or any kind of debris can get into the product," Davis said.

Kenny Davis says 34-year-old Donald Cook and 28-year-old Lonnie Ward have been charged with possession of a still and attempting to allude after running from ABC agents working the case. Agents confiscated 65 gallons of moonshine and 36 barrels ABC mash in Montgomery county. Now investigators are looking for more suspects involved in this Montgomery county bust after arresting one man Tuesday.

A lot of equipment has already been confiscated from several operations throughout the area including a big cooker. Lt. Davis says this is big business and it's very lucrative. A five gallon container of moonshine will cost you about $150 dollars.

"It's illegal in the state of Alabama to brew your own beer or to make your own moonshine. It's a prohibited liquor," Davis said.

Lt. Davis says wine is an exception. But there are strict manufacturing guidelines. He says another concern is stores selling brew kits which he says is also illegal.

"They just send it to their corporate stores. Once they found it it's a violation, they remove them," Davis said.

As agents try to expose this illegal activity that's hidden in the backwoods of counties in the area.

If you have any information about this moonshine bust, please call ABC at 334-260-9720.