CR 12: Smiling Sextuplets of Plantersville

She was planning on two kids.  She got pregnant twice so the math would seem to work out just right.   Except for one little thing.   For her second pregnancy, instead of one beautiful baby, she ended up with a smiling 6 pack, sextuplets.

They're now 5 months old.  "I feel like I'm feeding all day long," said Heather Carroll.   "We make 2 gallons of formula each day.   We probably go through about 50 diapers a day.   But there are six very special reasons why all this work is definitely worth it.

"Abby is the biggest we call her our chunky monkey.  Brooke has the most beautiful smile.   Ellie is going to be a talker.   David is very content, he could sit there all day.  Chloe is our drama queen, she will cry until she gets what she wants.   Faith is the smallest one and she's going to be into everything ."

The Carroll's had a tough go of it years ago.  Heather had several miscarriages and they were starting to wonder if natural child birth was in their plans.   So they tried in vitro fertilization and ended up with Grant who's now 2.   Now Grant has one brother and 5 sisters.   As you can imagine, adding 6 little ones at once can be more than a hand full.   But the Carroll's have somebody different come by each day to help out at home.   And they have closets full of baby clothes, diapers, and wipes.

The biggest challenge for all the helpers, trying to remember who's who.   "My husband's aunt decided to paint their fingernails different colors to see who was who, and we still do that now for the help that comes."   Their color coding system seems to work perfect.   Heather says it's actually been easier than she thought, and don't expect to see their house look like the show "Jon and Kate Plus 8".   "People come by and expect constant crying and chaos.   Maybe around eating time a few of them will be crying but it's nothing like they made it look like on TV."

So will the sextuplets and big brother Grant have any more siblings join them down the road?  Not anytime soon.   "We may, down the road, think about bringing in an older child as foster parents but that's about it."

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