Donations could mean free pets at humane shelter

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The holidays are typically a busy time for adoptions at the Montgomery Humane Society.

"Close to 40 or 50 a week," says Adoption Operations Manager, Kimberly Crumpler.

She says this year, though, they're not the only thing bringing people to the shelter.

"They come in, they choose the animal they'd like to sponsor and they cover the adoption fee or part of the adoption fee."

The humane society started a new fundraiser this Christmas called Angel Pets--where people who can't adopt a pet themselves donate money towards the adoption fee for someone else.

The response was overwhelming.

"We actually had one woman who showed a lot of interest in a cat that we've had in cat room--a long term resident--and she sponsored $1,000 towards cat room and that individual cat."

The Angel Pets program raised nearly $10,000 dollars for the shelter and workers say that's enough money to feed all the animals for a year.

"It would go to several hundred surgeries, having them spayed and neutered and micro chipped," says Crumpler.

Not every animal was sponsored. Catrina Orozco and David Beck's kitten wasn't.  But that doesn't mean they walked away empty handed.

"We got a Christmas stocking with all kinds of goodies for the kitty in it," says Orozco.

"We personalized a stocking for every adoptable pet, and hung them on their cages and gave volunteers and the public the opportunity to come in and bring them each gifts," adds Crumpler.

"It feels great not to have to go anywhere to be able to have something to take home with it," says Orozco.

Shelter workers say they'll continue the sponsorship program, but keep it primarily as a holiday fundraiser.

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