Federal Gambling Corruption Retrial LIVE Blog

This is where we've placed each verdict along with the charges.

Thanks for checking out our LIVE minute-by-minute blog of the federal gambling corruption retrial being held in Montgomery, Alabama.

This blog accepts viewer comments, but please understand it is not a chatroom. Viewers can submit questions, and we'll certainly do our best to answer many of them, but due the limited time and manpower inside the courtroom, our bloggers may be unable to answer all questions. You're more than welcome to follow along!

The live coverage will be suspended at the conclusion of each trial day, but viewers will still be able to review the coverage.

Our bloggers include JoBeth Davis, the Community Web Producer for WSFA.COM and Max Reiss, the Raycom News Network Political Reporter. WBRC Fox 6 in Birmingham is dedicating reporter Alan Collins to coverage as well.

For those who are new to coverage of this trial, here's a story that will outline the basics of this case. This story includes background information, the full indictments and trackback information.

CLICK HERE to look back over coverage of all the first trial which took place between June and August of 2011.

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