Mobile Man Still Missing in Iraq

Family and friends say Timothy Bell is missing in Iraq. Bell is a truck driver for Halliburton, and disappeared, along with eight others, after his fuel convoy was attacked April 9th. Four bodies were found days later, near where the attack happen.

Halliburton has identified three of the bodies found. They are Steven Hulett of Michigan, Jack Montague from Illinois, and Jeffrey Parker from Louisiana. U.S. military officials say the fourth body is that of a non-American.

The family of Timothy Bell says they regret the deaths of the other men, but they remain hopeful their own relative is alive.

No word either on kidnapped Mississippi truck driver, Tommy Hamill. Hamill was with the convoy when it was attacked, and seen on TV days later with Iraqi insurgents. Hamill's kidnappers have threatened to kill him if American soldiers did not stop attacking Fallujah. His family does not know if he is still alive.