Working to preserve historic cemetery

Alabama has many pieces of history you might not even know exist but thanks to M. H. Mitchell a non-profit organization you may soon know.

M. H. Mitchell, Inc.  has a mission to raise awareness of the South's unique history by providing financial grants for the maintenance of historical structures, historical grounds, and historical places.The South has an amazing history, and they are dedicated to its preservation and any efforts to raise awareness of this history.

If you want to find out more about M. H. Mitchell or how you can donate  to help restore Glennville Cemetery  in Russell County visit them at

Here are some of the projects that M.H Mitchell has done so far.

Glennville – Browder/Mitchell Cemetery
Glennville, Alabama
Russell County

The Southeastern Railway Museum
Duluth, GA
Gwinnett County
2004 - 2006

Glennville Methodist Cemetery
Glennville, Alabama
Russell County

94th Infantry Division
University of Georgia
Athens, GA
Clarke County