March Madness: Basketball, brackets and vasectomies?

Many urology groups around the country see up to a 50 percent business increase around March Madness. (Source: CNN)
Many urology groups around the country see up to a 50 percent business increase around March Madness. (Source: CNN)

(RNN) - March Madness isn't just a time for basketball at its best. You may not imagine how far some men have gone to take a few days off work to watch the games. Some call it "VasMadness."

For the past several days it's been all about basketball, brackets, bets and … bags of frozen peas?

That's right, for some men the timing is just right to get a vasectomy so they can stay at home and watch all the action.

While a vasectomy is one of the safest and most reliable family planning options, Dr. Robert Schwartz with the Urology Group in Cincinnati says men generally need a little push.

"I think men are just afraid to talk about it. I think it's actually a lot of wives that bring the men in and I think men are just uncomfortable talking about urological issues," Dr. Schwartz told WXIX.

But for guys looking for a "no guilt" way to get in front of the TV, many doctor's offices are pitching its idea: a procedure with a certain "snip" to it.

"Urologists across the country have noticed a trend in men over the last few years who are getting their vasectomies at the time of March Madness," Schwartz said. "You have a perfect excuse to watch basketball all weekend."

Many urology centers report a dramatic increase in the number of vasectomies they perform this time of year, saying business increases by as much as 50 percent.

Some centers even kick in free T-shirts, coolers, TV drawings and fast-food coupons to lure men.

Dr. Schwartz, who admits to having had a vasectomy, said it's an easy procedure with minimal recovery.

"Vasectomy is actually a very, very easy procedure," he said. "It's very quick, about a 15-to-20 minute procedure. It's performed in the office as an outpatient and is really the best form of birth control that's available. Recovery only requires one or two days off work, which is why "VasMadness" is the perfect time to schedule a vasectomy."

So gentlemen, grab the remote, and let the games and healing begin!

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