Editorial: "Matter of Trust"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - About a month ago we highlighted the planned reduction of the military's tuition-assistance program due to the federally mandated budget sequester.  The elimination of tuition assistance would have affected approximately 300,000 members of the military.

Key words here are "would have" …

Due to an overwhelming onslaught of negative feedback based on this decision, Congress reversed these cuts instituted by the Pentagon.  It should be noted for the record, the Pentagon would have never had to consider these cuts if it weren't for the federal government not being able to get their budget in order by the self imposed deadline.

But as we stated before, the promise of educational funding assistance is and will always be a key incentive for the country's military and as one U.S. Representative stated, "You pull this away and it erodes the trust between the service members and the service itself."

That is something that we can never allow to happen and we support this educational funding reinstatement for this very reason.

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