Crooks phishing for bank info through text messages

By Melanie Posey

- Hoover Police say crooks are phishing for financial information using text messages that appear to come from a real bank.

The text messages come from different numbers with different area codes and it tells the victim their bank card has been deactivated. It then provides a phone number to call to reactivate the card.

FOX6 News reporter Melanie Posey received several of these texts. She called one of the "reactivation" numbers and she was asked for a lot of personal information. Had she keyed it in, criminals would have had direct access to her bank account.

Regions Bank officials say they've heard from people in Tennessee who have received such text messages. Several FOX6 viewers have complained of the same scam. Police say there is a simple way to handle these scam messages.

"It's named phishing for a reason. They're tossing the bait out to see if you'll bite. If you bite, they'll reel you in. If you get a message like this...either text or email...the best thing to do is delete it. If you have further concerns, contact your bank," Hoover Police Capt. Jim Coker said.

Regions Bank has shared some helpful information about this scam on their website. Click here to learn more.