Editorial: "Summer Memories"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Summertime is sun, fun, beaches, mountains, swimming pools, golf courses and yes for those in school, a break. But it can also be a special time to create lasting memories for families with children around the house.

When my little girl was just a baby I would walk with her in my arms after work so I could be close to her.  I didn't want her in that stroller.  One day while passing an older gentleman on one such walk I was stopped and told to cherish such a special moment as the years will fly by.  I shrugged this off at the time, but now 12 years later she is 14 and will – before I know it – be heading off to college.

So with only 4 summer's left to go for me and my wife before my daughter is out the door, 7 with my son and however many you have with your children I encourage you to create those special moments and memories this summer. It doesn't have to be Disney World or an expensive Caribbean cruise … it could be a weekend at the kid's grandparents playing games and telling stories. Those moments will be made all the more special if you focus your time and attention fully on those little ones around you … meaning, put up those cell phones – emails and texts can wait until Monday.

Here's to a happy, healthy and memorable Summer of 2013 from all of us here at WSFA 12 News.

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