Rep. Jay Love announces resignation from AL House seat

File Photo: Rep. Jay Love
File Photo: Rep. Jay Love

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - State Rep. Jay Love (R – Montgomery) on Wednesday announced he is resigning from his seat in the Alabama House effective August 1.

Love said in a statement that the resignation is being given so he can "promote education reforms he believes are vital to improving public schools in Alabama and to pursue various business opportunities."

Love chairs the House Ways and Means Education Committee.

"As a citizen legislator, I never intended for politics to become my career." Love said.  "Stepping down from my House seat allows me to continue working to reform education from the private sector while devoting more time to my family and pursuing business opportunities that my public obligations have required me to neglect."

Love added that by resigning, it will allow his successor to have seniority over freshmen legislators who will take office following the 2014 election cycle. The person who succeeds Love will be chosen in a special election that will be called by the governor.

"I had the privilege of serving with Jay Love in the Legislature, and I have enjoyed working with him as Governor," said Governor Bentley. "He has been an outstanding chairman of our Education Appropriations Committee in the House, and I appreciate his public service to the people of his district and the entire state."

Governor Bentley has not set a timetable for a special election though he says he wants to do so as quickly as is legally possible.

"I will always appreciate the faith, trust and confidence my constituents placed in me, and having my successor chosen prior to the 2014 legislative session will provide them with valuable experience and seniority when the new quadrennium begins," Love said.  

Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard (R - Auburn) wished Love success and expressed confidence that the retiring legislator will still be an active voice in Alabama's public policy debates.

"Jay has always been a trusted source for advice, counsel and guidance during my days as Minority Leader and even more so now, during my service as Speaker of the House," Hubbard said.  "His loss as a legislator will be felt in the corridors and committee rooms of the Alabama State House, but his new private sector role will allow him to remain a vocal presence in the education reform debates and public policy decisions that take place in the future."

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