AESBL & Crime Stoppers Consumer Alert

AESBL and Crime Stoppers announce cooperative effort to rid the River Region of scam artists and bad business practitioners providing false information, while traveling door to door, in order to sell overpriced and sometimes unneeded alarm equipment fraudulently.

Many of these door to door salespersons are college students from out of town and work in Alabama during the summer months. These individuals have been trained to do one thing, and that is scam you out of your money. They use questionable strong arm tactics and flat out lie to convince you that you need their unneeded or highly overpriced equipment.

Due to many of the victims being elderly and/or embarrassed about being scammed out of their money, these perpetrators go unreported and are able to continue their unethical practices.

Central Alabama Crime Stoppers will be offering a monetary reward for any information that is turned over to AESBL that leads to the Removal of a Business License to Operate in the State of Alabama, and the Arrest(s) of any Individual(s) for Burglary and/or Fraud while acting as an Alarm Company Employee.

Consumers are asked to call AESBL at 1-866-302-3725 or 215-STOP to report a business.

AESBL and Crime Stoppers have provided helpful consumer tips so that you can be on guard against these unethical sales practices.


  • Beware of "door to door" alarm company salespeople using possible unethical sales tactics. Do NOT be a VICTIM – be INFORMED and know what to look for if approached by any of these individuals.
  • Ask for a State of Alabama ID badge showing individual is licensed by the
    Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure (AESBL).  Photo and state seal will be on the ID badge.  Call police if they cannot produce their ID badge because they are in violation of the Law.
  • If currently under contract with an alarm company, do NOT be pressured into signing with another alarm company without first contacting your contracted alarm company.  Your contracted alarm company CAN do anything