For Auburn's 100th homecoming queen, a story of life that might not have been

Molly Anne Dutton tells her story from the lawn of Auburn's Samford Hall.
Molly Anne Dutton tells her story from the lawn of Auburn's Samford Hall.

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - Auburn University named it's 100th homecoming queen this past weekend and the girl who won shared a very personal story as part of her campaign. Now, that story is getting national attention.

Since the moment when more than 84,000 people sitting in Jordan Hare Stadium witnessed her crowning, it has been a whirlwind for Molly Anne Dutton. She's been on national TV and done countless media interviews.

Dutton's story is inspiring people across the nation.

"It has been very much a shocker!" she says. What has captured the attention of not only AU, but an entire nation is the story of how Molly Anne came into this world.

"But that's when her journey took her down South," Dutton says of her biological mother. " She had family in Alabama."

The woman decided to give Molly Anne up for adoption instead of having an abortion. Molly Anne describes it as finding light in a dark situation and believes everything happened for a reason.

"Look back 22 years, there was a purpose and a will for what happened," she says, hoping that by sharing her story she'll touch hearts and change lives

"When it comes to adoptions, that's a glorious option," Dutton says.

While her biological mother made a decision that gave Molly Anne the chance at life, she says she's never met the woman and does not see that on her radar right now.

The homecoming queen is a senior in horticulture in Auburn's Department of Agriculture She hopes one day to have her own nursery.

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