Selma City Schools submits corrective action plan to state

SELMA, AL (WSFA) - Selma City Schools has submitted a corrective action plan to the Alabama Department of Education after a state investigation into the school district.

The investigation revealed evidence of sexual misconduct on the part of a Selma High School teacher. It also uncovered evidence of noncompliance with requirements, standards and protocols governing instructional activities, standardized testing, graduation requirements and other state and federal guidelines.

The state board gave Selma school officials 21 days to submit a response.

Selma City Schools Attorney Katy Campbell said the corrective action plan will be implemented across the district, but it's still in the preliminary phase.

"This was not an easy task. Everyone immediately started to work to put something in place that would address all of the concerns that were raised by the investigation," Campbell said.

In a letter to the Alabama Department of Education, Selma City Schools Superintendent Gerald Shirley says the district's corrective action plan focuses on improving the areas of leadership, education finance, curriculum and instruction, system governance and school organization.

Shirley stated that the district's improvement goals will be accomplished with the assistance of Dr. James Wright and an educational consulting company called Professional Development Services.

State Superintendent of Education Dr. Thomas Bice has responded to the district's plan saying "I appreciate the broad manner in which you are proposing to address my concerns."

He stated that the Selma City Board of Education and administrative staff must finalize and adopt the measures to "reinstate the public's confidence going forward." He also called for a full instructional audit at Selma High School. A full review will be scheduled in January.

Bice also asked that Dr. James Wright oversee the implementation of the district's plan and a progress update be submitted no later than March 15.

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