Guest Editorial: "Responsibility to Pets"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - National PetWeek is coming up in May, a good time to think about domesticated animals andour responsibility to them.

In the Montgomery Humane Shelter alone nearly 3,300animals have been taken in over the last six months.  About half of themwere people's pets.

According tothe ASPCA, between 5 and 7 million animals enter shelters nationwide everyyear, and approximately 3 to 4 million of those are euthanized.   That's about one every eleven seconds.

Worse than that, countless other animals are merelyleft on county roads to fend for themselves.

We as humans have an obligation to cats and dogs. We've been domesticating them for thousands of years.  They no longer liveby the rules of nature.  They depend on us.

It is obvious from the numbers that we cannot adoptall available pets at animal shelters.  Having half of them put down isexpensive and excessive.

If we are to have compassion and sympathy for thesuffering and distressed… the very definition of humane… we can at least haveour pets spayed or neutered.

Pet owners, please call your veterinarian or spay andneuter clinic today.

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