Montgomery Council passes payday loan, club security ordinance

Published: May. 21, 2014 at 1:53 AM CDT|Updated: Jul. 20, 2014 at 1:54 AM CDT
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - We know about the tragic events that happened at what was then the Rose Supper Club near the end of December.

Some council members and patrons tell WSFA 12 that lives have been lost for lack of security or not being committed to a high standard of security.

On Tuesday, Council members unanimously passed an ordinance that would allow night clubs to employee armed security guards.

Council members hope this ordinance will put something on the books to encourage club owners with security officers to make sure they are trained and certified.

In three months, you should expect to see clearly identifiable and trained security officers like J. Sankey

"They're the guys that don't have on the t-shirt and the blue jeans, they have on a uniform," said Montgomery Councilman Richard Bollinger. "You tend to respect them and listen to them, and they are trained to handle different situations."

Armed security officers will be present in many nightclubs and bars around Montgomery.

"They have to go through a weapons training component," said Montgomery Councilman Jon Dow. "They have to be certified and trained under the procedures and the application of being a security officer; knowing what to look for and how to conduct themselves."

Council members say that training and certification will come from the Alabama Security Regulatory Board. The must keep their certification card on their person at all times.

"Police have the right, as well as the fire department inspectors have the right, to come up and ask may I see your certification and they have to produce that on the spot, if not then the club owners will be held liable," Dow said.

And according to the ordinance, face a $500 fine.

Council members say the police department is very supportive of this ordinance, however, Montgomery police officers will not be providing training nor will they serve as security in nightclubs.

The club owners seeking certification of security officers must submit a list of current employees and documentation showing that each employee who will be working as a security officer is certified and in good standing with the Alabama Security Regulatory Board.

The council also passed a new pay day loan and title pawn ordinance on Tuesday.

The new law says no two businesses will be permitted within 2,500 feet of each other.

They also cannot locate within 250 feet of a residence, church, school or public park.

The ordinance does not apply the 81 payday and title loan businesses already in the city.

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