WSFA 12 News Talks to Brent Springford, Jr.

Published: Dec. 3, 2004 at 8:15 PM CST|Updated: Feb. 8, 2008 at 8:56 PM CST
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Brent Springford, Jr. changed his appearance after the murders.
Brent Springford, Jr. changed his appearance after the murders.
Charlotte and Brent Springford (Courtesy Univ. of Alabama)
Charlotte and Brent Springford (Courtesy Univ. of Alabama)

Considered a suspect in the murders of his parents, Brent Springford, Jr. contacted WSFA 12 News Sunday for the second time. He talked to investigative reporter Chris Holmes by telephone from a mental hospital in Colorado.

In his statement, Springford, Jr. denied killing his parents and reached out to family members in an effort to put an end to an ongoing feud. You can listen to this second statement in its entirety below.

While investigating the story in Colorado, WSFA 12's Chris Holmes reports that Springford may not be the only person under investigation in the case. A source says that investigators have gotten several conflicting statements from Springford, Jr.'s common-law wife, Carolyn Scoutt.

Those statements have delayed any arrests.

Brent and Charlotte Springford were found murdered inside their South Hull Street home the day after Thanksgiving. The well known couple owned the Luverne Pepsi Bottling Company.

The Springfords were laid to rest on Saturday at a cemetery in Luverne. Dozens of mourners showed up for the short grave-side ceremony. But Springford, Jr. was not among them.

Since the murders, Montgomery Police questioned Springford, Jr. in Colorado and officially named him as a suspect. In his initial phone call to WSFA 12 News, Springford said he hadn't been told about his parents' funeral.

He also said he had checked himself into a mental hospital in Louisville, Colorado, listing a series of mental disorders. You can listen to this initial phone call in its entirety below.