Do You Want To Do A Good Deed? There's An App for that, too.

Do You Want To Do A Good Deed? There's An App for that, too.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Lisa Goggans will be the first tell you she is not computer savvy or technically inclined.

"I certainly didn't know anything about developing an app," said Goggans.

That's why she thought it was odd when she felt a tug 9 months ago to create a special kind of phone app.

"Well, I just woke up one Saturday morning and God put this idea in my head about an app to help others and serve others," said Goggans.

It's called Spending Your Dash and it works like this.

"Your dash is going to be on your headstone in the cemetery between your birth date and your death date, so your dash is your life," Goggans said.

The app gives you 80 ideas on how you can do something good for someone everyday. After building your profile, the app assigns you a certain number of points. The challenge is to spend your points while doing a good deed.

"It's all about accountability, nobody is going to know if you did these things or not," said Goggans.

The ideas can be something as simple as checking on a loved one, opening a door for a stranger to letting someone cut in front of you on the road.

Lisa Goggans spent $11,000 of her own money to make it happen. The app became available to download just three days ago.

So far the response has been positive and reaffirming.

"I love hearing from people," Goggans said.

Goggans worked with an internet company in Georgia to help her build the app. Right now the app only works on I-phone systems but Goggans says she is working to make it acceptable for Droids.

Goggans has no idea how far the Spending Your Dash app will go but that's not really a concern. What matters is the fact she answered what she believes was a Heavenly call and delivered.

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