Montgomery Regional Airport sees soaring travel numbers

Montgomery Regional Airport is seeing more travelers than it has in years! For four consecutive months the airport has seen an increase in the number of people flying in and out.

"Four straight months of double digit growth, says a lot for our community," says the airport's Chip Gentry, seeing just the results he was hoping for. "What hasn't worked in the past, we're going in a new direction with best practices from other communities."

Gentry says much like the rest of Montgomery, fliers are starting to notice this is not the same airport it was 10 years ago. "With the growth we've seen in the community, we realize now that we do have the fliers in the city, and it's a matter of pulling them off the road from other airports."

The month of October saw a 25 percent increase in travelers over October of last year. Those travelers say it's all about convenience.

"I guess for me it was more of the distance," says Rose Muatine, who adds that her final destination is Selma. "From here to where I'm going is 50 miles from here, versus from Birmingham, would be almost twice as much."

"My family's here," says Crystal Wadsworth from St. Louis. This is the first time she's flown into Montgomery Regional in several years. Lower prices brought her here. "The flight was cheaper than driving."

And there's more good news for travelers - fares for the holidays should be around 20 percent below the average price of $496.

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